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IdeaLab is the new headquarters of AIDAF, the Italian Association of Family Businesses.


IdeaLab is the new headquarters of AIDAF, the Italian Association of Family Businesses. Situated in the heart of Milan’s Brera district, it serves all family firms. In its polyhedric space, all members can meet, exhibit their wares, tell their corporate stories, outline future projects, hold meetings and implement initiatives.

The front is fully transparent, with five large window-displays interspersed by a glazed entry, which let in natural light and show passers-by the role played by the Association. Inside are the workstations, the main exhibition room and the President’s office. Down in the basement level are a conference room, a six-station audio-visual room, and the library-archive. The walls are clad with boiseries, together with small and large shelves in natural birch or painted wood. Neatly arranged on these shelves and mini-cabinets are instruments, tools, books, writings, images and videos. Set all along the space are custom-made pedestals displaying other products. Large curtains, like theatre screens, serve to open, close and hide the various parts, so that the whole space can be conveniently used for meetings, lectures and conferences. The stand design will adapt to frequent and varied changes, to celebrate a particular event or topic and to showcase company products on special occasions during the year.

aMDL – Michele De Lucchi

ngelo Micheli (studio director), Davide Angeli, Francesco Garofoli

Sice Previt (general contractor)

Molteni & C. (furniture); Samsung (multimedia devices)

AIdAF (Associazione Italiana delle Aziende Familiari)

277 m2

2017 (design); 2018 (completion)

Tom Vack with Ester Pirotta