Founded by Michele De Lucchi in the early 1980s, the office has kept its original multicultural and multidisciplinary origins.
Producing architecture and design for Italian and foreign institutes, public and private organisations, businesses and individuals,
it carries out in-depth surveys of matters relating to contemporary society, especially the role of industry and crafts, technology and nature.
The firm's head office is in central Milan, in an Art Nouveau building that was converted in 2006 into a creative workshop.
At Angera, on Lake Maggiore, Michele De Lucchi has established his atelier, where architectural experiments start off.

The practice’s mission is to develop professional projects arising from the relations and experimental research conducted by Michele De Lucchi.
The architects develop projects through to their complete definition, making ideas realizable to the highest degree of quality and down to the smallest details, 
so that the practice can continue to be recognised for its participation at the highest level within spectrum of international architecture.
This intent is solidified through a series of initial actions and during the project’s development, in the course of the realisation of works
and in all the activities performed by the practice consequential to the processes concerned with this certification.

ISO 9001:2015
As proof of a design reaching for excellence, the office was this year awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certificate for its architectural, urban, interior and exhibition design.