The Cracco Coffee Design, which replaced the Coffee Design designed in 2003, is a cafeteria but also an exhibition space where food becomes a cultural event, as in many other international museums. One of its main features are the long counters that organise the space. Served on these are the refined dishes prepared by chef Carlo Cracco. Also exhibited are objects selected for temporary theme shows.
The kitchen is open and visible, and so the preparation of dishes becomes in itself an event. Equipped with all the latest technologies necessary to the chef’s cuisine, the kitchen is separated from the dining room by a large transparent glazed wall. The number of seats was increased from the previous 80 to the present approximately 130. Visitors can choose freely from the various cafeteria services available, sitting at the round tables each with different chairs, at the tables with bench seats in niches, or at the counter seated or standing.
Its new white furniture makes the Cracco Coffee Design environment pleasantly bright and convivial.