The Taneya group is one of the most important producers of Japanese pastry and confectionery, based in Omi-Hachimann. The concept 'The Hill' imagines a real village of candy that transforms the area into a confectionary park as a center of gastronomic tourism dedicated to the world of Japanese sweets. To make the visit fascinating and an enjoyable experience a wide range of activities and spaces have been developed on the 20 hectares of land divided on two levels. The lower levels are divided between warehouses, production areas, the Academy of pastry, the interactive factory and a museum on the world of sweets. The upper level is dedicated to visitors and offers restaurants, cafes, shops Taneya, a Green House and a terrace from which to admire the surrounding landscape. The main route runs between monolithic sculptures, gardens and corners of unexpected green creating a connection between man, art and nature. Food and architecture combine in a place where the quality of the ingredients of what you eat and what creates space blend together.