EUROPE, 2015 - in progress

The values of Italian spirit, design, innovation, reliability and quality are the guide lines which lie behind the design of new stands for Boat Shows.
The recognition factor of stands, of layouts, lighting, atmosphere and the general quality of surroundings should stir the emotions, bring boats to the forefront and create a strong identity that visitors understand immediately.
Stands are living rooms, welcoming surroundings that are airy and sophisticated. The idea of lightness is enhanced by modular construction details and assembly systems which allow the stands to be erected in little time. The use of light, natural structures to create exhibition space provides visitors with welcoming, innovative surroundings which can be adapted to the different tastes and languages of clients from all over the world. The layout consists of simple dividing walls which create privacy and a welcoming atmosphere blended with items of furniture and objects which represent Italian design to form a timeless image known throughout the world and instantly recognisable The control of natural and artificial light and the use of fabrics bring to mind comfortable and nautical settings.