Heilbronn was a city of the Holy Roman Empire. Unfortunately his architectural fabric was destroyed during the Second World War and was replaced by an anonymous landscape. The construction of a hotel, adjacent to the Konzert und Kongresszentrum Harmonie, reflects the desire to revitalize the city center. At the base of the design concept is the idea of creating a link between the historical architecture of Heilbronn and modern architecture. Hence the thought of a tower: an innovative building that maintains a medieval semantics. It consists of simple lines, built on a rectangular base grows in height with a tip formed by the inclination of two planes. The external coating in stone draws the material of the ancient towers, which contrasts the smooth surfaces of the post-war buildings. On the ground floor are a brasserie, restaurant and lobby. On the first floor there are spaces for meetings, while in the second level 140 rooms. Top floor holds a panoramic greenhouse, a perfect framing lounge for events. Around the tower rise another seven miniature towers that form a stone wall. Inside the wall is an enclosed garden suitable for exhibitions and concerts. Overall, the complex resembles the simplified essence of a medieval village.