MILANO, ITALY, 2014-2015

This design is located within the typical context of a building in the “Old Milan” style.
Situated on the third floor, the apartment enjoys a privileged position facing a quiet inner courtyard. The refurbishment enhances the typical period plan which had been covered over by earlier alterations.
The ceiling has been restored to its original wooden state and the floor is in natural untreated larch. The bathroom is embellished with a beige limestone cladding that makes it more spacious, and has a recessed shower niche, likewise in stone. The day space is characterised by a new concept, modular cabinet-type kitchen made by Veneta Cucina, and by a living room with furniture remakes like the Ulisse armchair by Moroso, and a collection of art engravings.
Pieces by Produzione Privata and attractive lighting complete the project to give the flat a warm and welcoming atmosphere.