The Kramer residences are a project of 'Real Care' designed to offer a new type of housing for people over 65 years. The project had expected the demolition houses of studies of Via Kramer 26 and the reconstruction which was the only possible configuration to accommodate innovative residences.
The new façade is that of a typical building in Milan, with regular windows and a series of large openings that host potted plants and small trees. The interior encloses a courtyard that is the heart of the typical milanese house. Each apartment has a unique perspective on the court. Loggias, verandas and terraces generate an articulation of architectural volumes and customize the units.
At the entrance there is a lobby with a reception and concierge. The ground floor is devoted to shared services. In addition to the organization for cleaning and servicing the café-restaurant, a gym with swimming pool, a book-newspaper library and a winter garden. The apartments, distributed over four levels, start from a basic configuration with possible additional spacial combinations to meet the needs of its inhabitants. Homes for the elderly must be easy to clean, easy to manage, fast to set up.