LODI, ITALY, 2008-2009

The city’s new park hosts a small work of architecture used as a cafeteria. Its bearing frame, flooring and infills are built entirely of larch wood. The roof is composed of an insulating packet covered by aluminium sheeting.
The pavilion measures 7  x 7 metres in plan, with a height of 4.2 metres. It was prefabricated and assembled on site on practical anchorage plinths to facilitate its possible future removal.
The external vertical infill surfaces have irregular sections. Set at variable intervals, their slight inclinations allow them to merge with the surrounding tree trunks. Along the internal perimeter, the walls and access doors are in glass, mounted on metal frames.
The services area is delimited by plasterboard partitions.
All parts of the structure are accessible to and usable by the disabled. The choice of larch essence ensures optimal weather resistance and ageing which enhances the naturalness of this material.