ITALY, 1998-1999

The project, developed with Achille Castiglioni, was awarded first prize, ex-aequo with the one presented by Foster & Partners in the “Supports for the Environment” competition by invitation, announced by Enel in 1998 to select world-renowned architects for the creation of low environmental impact high tension pylons.
The brief did not specify the form or materials to be used, but gave only technical and regulatory indications.
The proposed design hinged on the intention to study a non-trellissed support, leading to the creation of a very simple and transparent tensile structure, composed of struts and tie-rods.
The support comprises eight equal bars, linked in pairs at both ends to form two superimposed stands. Four tie-rods stiffen and stabilize the frame. The impact of this object is much less invasive than in the past: the form being simple but not banal, the standardization perceptible but not characterising. Among the qualities of the prototype are: ease of assembly and positioning, production economy and transport, iconographic novelty, and the application of a still little-used static type of structure.