Pavilion 0 is the first to greet visitors arriving at Expo Milan from the west entries. Assigned to introduce the theme of “Feeding the Planet – Energy for Life”, the pavilion tells visitors about the wealth of aspects inherent in this title.
It is conceived as a portion of the earth’s crust, neatly cut and raised as an invitation to delve into our knowledge of the planet and its secrets. Reproduced inside the pavilion are ten caves in a semi-darkness against which the exhibits stand out clearly. Every area is dedicated to a different human cultural product.
The rectangular pavilion occupies an area of about 10,000 sqm. From the constructional point of view, it consists of spruce board and partly practicable tiers, resembling the schematized contours used to indicate ground reliefs. The stratification of curves reproduces the earth’s crust, with mountains, hills and a broad central valley. It is also host to Pangea, with multiple tables forming a puzzle-shaped combination. Pangea is a reconstruction of what the planet might have looked like when lands, oceans, men and nature were all one.