The Parco Nord in Bresso, on the outskirts of Milan, protects agricultural allotments that have escaped building development and borders on Open Zone, an experimental research campus used by a number of pharmaceutical companies. In this context the Zambon group has established a scientific culture facility: a small laboratory dedicated to a knowledge and promoted awareness of the importance of breathing and of the quality of the air around us.  Oxy.gen is an emblematic cupola, shaped like an air bubble and floating on an artificial pond in the park. The pavilion, accessed by a small bridge, is clad with two layers of fabric and covered by a metal grating that consolidates the structures and provides shade. Air circulates through the two layers of fabric and muffles any sudden changes of sound and temperature. Inside, a single interior is available for meetings, conferences, presentations, experiments, lectures, projections and displays. This space changes continually thanks to videos, lights, projections and installations mounted on mobile trolleys. The technology conveys information while combining it with a sensorial experience.