MILANO, ITALIA, 2013 - 2016

Former Caimi Pool in Milan, designed by Ing. Secchi in 1939, suffered a decade of neglect and abandonment. From 2013 the Fondazione Pier Lombardo was in charge of reviving the entire sports complex renamed Mysterious Baths. It consists of a large pool of 50 m and a semi-circular pool surrounded by greenery, a locker room and the Palazzina (a building of 1,800 square meters). It falls in the cultural program of the Teatro Franco Parenti. The renovation of the pool and outdoor areas, as well as the technological upgrading of the original structures, the design of the green and open spaces, have given new life to this prestigious public space. From a material point of view all the proposed changes are part of a philosophy of preservation of the original architectural features and recognition of the added parts. The inclusion of two long glassed paths along the two bands of the cabins makes the complex accessible all year round for outdoor performances on mobile stages even over the water. The complex is open to the public from June 2016.

The Mysterious Baths are the winners of Vivaio Awards 2016, Milano - news of the year.